The Story of Your Life

Somehow, somewhere along the line you started feeling like your life mattered a little less than everyone else’s.  You started assuming everyone else was just a little better than you.

You took responsibility for the happiness of the people you love the most.

To you, love started to mean doing whatever it took to keep them safe, to keep them happy, to be by their side as the story of their life carried on.

Somehow, somewhere along the line the story of your life got lost.

You were comfortable that way. To be the loyal, caring companion who gave control over to your Love freely was what you knew best. You felt safe that way. If you could make your Love happy that meant you were good enough. Pretty enough. Worthy. If you could make your Love happy that meant you were also happy. Didn’t it?

There is no doubt about it, you are a caring, nurturing soul. Empathy pours from your heart and overwhelms you all the time. People love that about you.

But you have this habit of tying your life to someone else’s.  You live in their shadow, one step below them. A loyal servant.

It’s okay if sometimes you get forgotten.

It’s okay if sometimes you get hurt. Your pain doesn’t matter nearly as much as theirs does. They must never be disappointed. They must never be in pain. It’s your job to keep them happy, so you press on beside them in that lonely shadow.

You try to ignore the heavy feeling that grows within your chest. You try to ignore your white knuckles and clenching jaw.

Every now and then guilt threatens to boil out of you. You swallow it down, ignore the deep burn and wonder what in the world is wrong with you.

You pretend you don’t know the answer. But you do.

Somehow, somewhere along the line you’ve got to realize your life matters just as much as everyone else’s.

You’ve got to stop believing that everyone else is just a little bit better than you.

You must learn that love means being true to yourself before anyone else.

Although it may end up being quite uncomfortable for a while, somehow, somewhere along the line the story of your life must be found.

And the only person who can find it, is you.


Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “The Story of Your Life”

  1. I could not have said this better myself. Unfortunately, I let this go to the point where I realize I was nothing but a servant to my loved ones and my love was only taken and I rarely got anything back to full my soul. I end up trying to take my life before I knew I had to change my life and start taking care of myself.

  2. You hit the nail on the head Amy. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. my mother has dementia, partner has mental health issues, and my father past away December 27, 2014 and the estate issues are still pending. I don’t have time for me and my family role has always been taking care of things. It all has become to much! I cry every day. I hurt so bad, but I made this happen and I have found it is really hard to take it back. And even when another famliy member does step up they are so praised for anything they do a person would think that they were an angel. For me it is that I am just expected to be there to hold things together. . .

    Ok, Enough of my rant . . . thanks for sharing, listening and giving me something to think about . . . Myself ! ♡

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